Rolling Papers

Rolling papers are one of the oldest methods we have used to smoke cannabis, tobacco and other natural herbs. The first rolling papers were invented in Spain in 1660, and ever since have been a staple in the smoker’s stash box. Rolling papers are made from plant fibers which are strung out, re-condensed then flattened into a very thin paper for smoking, and sometimes watermarked depending on the brand you have purchased.

Rolling papers can be used one of two ways, the first is hand-rolling, and the second is a machine roller. Recently brands have started creating rolling paper cones as well as devices to help fill them as well.

Some popular brands of rolling papers include: RAW, Elements, Zig-Zag, OCB and Juicy Jay. Personally we suggest any type of RAW paper as they have the best flavor and burn, and there is such a large selection of sizes and styles you are sure to find one you love. Elements on the other hand come in a variety of sizes and cones as well just like RAW, but are made with rice paper which has a slight caramel flavor to it naturally. Zig-Zag has been an icon since Dr Dre mocked the Zig-Zag logo on his album The Chronic, and deserves a mention. OCB is another brand we always hear good things about, but not one we have used that much ourselves and can form an opinion on. As for Juicy Jays, they are flavored rolling papers in a total variety of over 20 flavors! If you are looking to try flavor papers, or know you love other flavored papers, we suggest you give Juicy Jay a try.

The Cone concept was first released by RAW and of course they have the most devices to fill them as well. A cone is a pre rolled rolling paper with an added filter, which can save you time rolling if you know what you are doing, and makes the overall experience a lot easier for most smokers. Instead of worrying about how to roll a joint, you can simply use a cone loader to either slide or pack your plant material in.

Some specific products we suggest are the RAW 1 ¼ Loader, Raw King Size Loader, Raw 1 ¼ Organic Rolling Papers, Raw King Size Organic Rolling Papers, Raw Black 1 ¼ Rolling Papers, Raw Black King Size Rolling Papers, Elements King Size Rolling Papers, Juicy Jay Banana 1 ¼ Rolling Papers and a RAW Bamboo Rolling Tray. You will also need a grinder or similar device to break up your flowers for rolling.

In recent years there has been an increase in counterfeit rolling papers produced and sold in the United States and throughout the world. We will update this article with images/videos on how to identify counterfeits as we encounter them. A good rule of thumb is to always buy from a licensed distributor, and if you are concerned, you should be able to find an article online explaining how to identify the counterfeits.

If you are interested in buying rolling papers and other rolling and smoking accessories, we suggest you check out for all your needs.