List of All Supplies

This page will list all of the supplies that we use and suggest.

All the links on this page will typically go to Amazon or another easy to access site. Amazon has great deals on a lot of items we use, but a local hydroponics store will have better prices on soils and fertilizers. If you are not located near a hydroponics store, Amazon is typically your next best bet.


Seed Starter: General Hydroponics Rapid Rooters or Root Riot or Jiffy Pellets

Soil: Big Rootz Soil (Soil King) or Roots Organic (Original) or Pro Mix HP Soil

Plant Pots: 3.5″ Square Pots (Starter Pots), Nursery Pots (1, 2, 3 Gallon)

Generic Fabric Pots: 3 Gallon Fabric Pot, 10 Gallon Fabric Pot, 30 Gallon Fabric Pot, 100 Gallon Fabric Pot

Smart Pots (Suggested over Generic but Pricier): 1-1,000 Gallon (Select Size and Quantity)

Equipment: Electronic PH Tester, Measuring Cup (Shot Glass Style), Rat Zapper, Plant Labels, Jump Start T5, DynaTrap, Hudson Sprayer

Training: Green tape, Soft Plant Ties, Bamboo Stakes, Welded Wire Fence

Trimmers: Fiskars Micro Tip (Training, Trimming etc), Fiskars Shears (Cover crop, branch and stem clipping), Fiskars Pruning Scissors (branch clipping)

Drying Room: Industrial Racks, AC Unit, Dehumidifier

Curing: Mylar Bags OR Vittles OR Mason Jars, Integra (Small, Medium, Large)


Main Fertilizers: Worm Castings, Hummus, Bio-Char, AGmino, KelPlex, Kelp Meal, Soybean Meal OR Bat Guano, Nutritional Yeast, Cane Juice Crystals, Granular Humic Acids, Alfalfa Meal, CalPhos, Langbeinite, Azomite, Sea-90 Mineral, Greensand, Silica (Currently Testing)

Biologicals: Mykos (2.2lbs Granular For Transplants), Mykos WP (12oz Soluble (WP) For Compost Teas), Azos

Top Dresses: Glacial Rock Dust, Neem Seed Meal, Fish Bone Meal, Insect Frass

Foliar Sprays: The Amazing Doctor Zymes Eliminator OR Lost Coast Plant Therapy, Pure Protein

PH Adjusters: Earth Juice Natural Down and Earth Juice Natural Up (Organic) OR PH Down and PH Up (General Hydroponics, Inorganic)

Compost Tea Brewer: 5 Gallon Bucket & Air Pump & Airline Tubing & Air Stones & Air Check Valves OR Vivosun Air Pump & 32 Gallon Bucket

Compost Tea Sprayer: Chameleon Hose Sprayer OR Dial n Spray

Water Filter: Boogie Brew Water Filter OR Garden Pure OR HydroLogic 150GPD RO Filter & Water Tank

Storage: 40 Gallon Tote

Quickest and Easiest Article (Autoflower): Bio-Live


Bubble Hash Sifting Bags: 5 Gallon Bubble Bags and 5 Gallon Buckets (x8) and 40 Gallon Boxes (x2) and Hosing Attachments OR 32 Gallon Bubble Bags and 32 Gallon Bucket OR 5 Gallon Bubble Bags and 5 Gallon Bucket

Bubble Hash Washing Setup: Bubble Magic 20 Gallon Machine OR Bubble Magic 5 Gallon Machine

Bubble Hash Drying Setup: Industrial Racks and AC Unit and Dehumidifier (also works for flowers) OR Wine Fridge (Small) OR Wine Fridge (Large) or Wine Fridge (Large, Option 2) OR Dry Freezer (Small) or Dry Freezer (Medium) or Dry Freezer (Large),

Parchment Paper: RAW Parchment Paper or Reynolds Parchment Paper

Dry Sift

Pollen Boxes: Ryot 3×5″, Ryot 4×7″, Ryot 7×7″

Dry Sift Machine: Bubble Magic Pollen Tumbler (150g, 500g and 1500g)

Sifting Screens: Sifting Screens

Parchment Paper: RAW Parchment Paper or Reynolds Parchment Paper

Grinder: Four Chamber Grinder (Smoke Cartel)


Rosin Press: Coming Soon

Rosin Bags: 120u, 90u, 37u

Rosin Pre-Press: 2×4″ Pre-press

Parchment Paper: RAW Parchment Paper or Reynolds Parchment Paper

Suggested Dabbers: Skilletools XL OR Skilletools XXL


Strainer: 90 Micron Bubble Bag or Cheesecloth

Cooking Utensils: Cooking Pot and Metal Spoon and Thermometer OR Magical Butter Machine

Decarboxylation: Metal Tray OR NOVA Decarboxylator

Base Ingredients: Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Honey

Magical Butter Machine: Magical Butter Machine

Smoking Accessories

There are so many accessories we suggest that it would be impossible to list. We suggest you read or how to smoke section to learn about what you are interested in buying, then check out either of the links below to find it. Each of these suppliers have unique inventories so check both!


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For worms, we suggest Uncle Jim’s Worm Farm. You will want a mix of red wrigglers and European night crawlers, and they also offer direct sourced worm castings, as well as composters, seeds and other essential equipment for organic cultivation.