How to Store your Cannabis Seeds

Storing your cannabis seeds is a fairly simple process but requires the right equipment and knowledge to be done correctly.

If you have bought your seeds from a breeder or seed bank, skip the following section as it will be for those who have bred their own seeds. The first thing you will need to do after harvesting your cannabis seeds is remove them from the flowers of your plant, and allow them to dry for about a week before you continue to storage as the seeds. When harvesting my seeds I find it best to cut a flower off and roll the flower between my hands causing the seeds to fall out. For more information on breeding and harvesting seeds check out our breeding page. After your seeds have dried, put them into a ziploc bag, glass or plastic vial or coin envelope.

Once you have your seeds in either the breeders packaging or your own packaging, you need to put it into a dark container; personally I use a cigar box to store my seeds. Typically your seeds will have already came in some sort of light resistant packaging, such as an index card, paper packaging etc, but do this anyways. If your seeds are in a generic, clear ziploc bag, you may want to put them into a coin envelope or wrap them with an index card prior to storage.

After you have your seeds in a light resistant container, put it into a closet, draw or other dark place for long term storage. I prefer using a closet as during a hot day, the temperature inside a closet stays pretty stable. Make sure there is no humidity or water sources in the storage area (the box and packaging will help if there is, hence why we do it, but it’s best to be on the safer side), a relatively stable temperature under 80f (if possible) and no light as well. Exposing your seeds to light once or twice a year when you take seeds out or put them in is fine, just don’t do it for long periods of time.

We have also heard of storing seeds in the fridge or a wine fridge, and have tried so myself, but didn’t notice any notable differences and found there was more issues with the fridge method due to the light turning on each time you open the fridge and possible condensation issues within the container.

Supplies and Links

Storage Box: Cigar/Arts Box

Packaging: Index Cards OR Coin Envelopes, Plastic Vials OR Ziploc Bags