Blunt Wraps vs Hemp Wraps

Blunts have became a mainstream part of cannabis, and not exactly for good reason. Blunts refer to cannabis rolled in a tobacco leaf. The reason why blunts became popular was because the tobacco leaf burns a lot slower than a traditional rolling paper, but the issue is, you are consuming a small amount of nicotine every time.

Nicotine use and cannabis use has gone hand in hand for a while now due to some interesting effects. If you have ever smoked a cigarette or vaped salt nicotine after smoking cannabis, you will understand what we are talking about. Something about the tobacco causes a head rush and makes you feel that little bit higher, so even if the nicotine wasn’t the addictive part to a blunt wrap, the head rush is. The head rush is actually caused from a terpene within tobacco itself called Benzoic Acid. Recently, a company named Juul released a salt nicotine vape which has a different overall process from the standard freebase nicotine vapors were using, except salt nicotine now carries that benzoic acid I had just mentioned. When you smoke tobacco or vape salt nicotine with Benzoic Acid in, it creates a response in your brain that creates that higher (but often times nauseous) feeling. If you are currently struggling with a nicotine addiction I am writing a guide to help you get over your habit using cannabis and vaping, while it isn’t medically approved in anyway, it has worked for me and several others and can serve as a suggestion.

Some of the more popular brands of blunt wraps would be Backwoods, Swisher Sweets and White Owl. Generally speaking, blunt wraps are bought in the form of cigarillos which have tobacco in, then the wrap is split using a cutter or your fingernail, the tobacco is removed and then replaced with your flower, hash, and whatever else you may want to roll with it.

Recently there has been a wave of more natural options to blunts wraps, most of which are hemp wraps. Hemp wraps much like blunt wraps burn slowly, can have strong tastes/smells except is made from hemp vs tobacco meaning no nicotine. 

Some popular brands of hemp wraps would be High Hemp Wraps, Juicy Jay Hemp Wraps and Cyclone Hemp Cones. Hemp wraps come with just the wrap you will be using, and 2 to 4 per package. Depending on the brand you are purchasing there will also be filter included with your wraps. Cyclone Hemp Cones are like rolling paper cones but made from hemp wraps and come in several flavors.

There are also other natural wraps made from palm leaves and banana leaves, and some people have perfected the art of the cannagar and use hemp leaves!

Overall, we would have to suggest using hemp wraps or natural wraps other blunt wraps due to the addictive properties of nicotine has. While we have no control over your lives, and neither you have to listen, this is just an honest suggestion from us to you with your health as our key concern. When looking at a hemp wrap and tobacco “blunt” wrap side by side when smoking, there are no notable difference. The burn rate is almost identical, the flavors are very similar to the ones that you are accustomed to. To us, hemp wraps are all the amazing things blunt wraps were for us, but minus the nicotine.

If you are interested in buying hemp wraps and other rolling and smoking accessories, we suggest you check out for all your needs. Note, their site is for tobacco use only and is 18+!