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If you are new to growing cannabis, we suggest checking out our Beginner’s Section first as it will cover the basics to cannabis cultivation.

If you have gotten past your first grow and are looking for more advanced information for growing cannabis, you will want to check out the How To Grow section which will cover training techniques, fertilizers, compost teas, growing methods, our growing calendar (for 2020) and more!

If you are curious about how to make or simply learning about non-solvent extractions, check out our extractions page. It includes information on bubble hash, dry sifting, rosin and other extractions as well!

If you are here to learn about edibles, check out our edibles section which covers the main base ingredients to infuse almost every meal you can think of, as well as a few personal recipes we use.

Confused about all the terminology and options in a smoke shop? What is the difference between a swisher and a high hemp wrap? Don’t worry, we have information on that too! Simply check out our how to smoke section for information on water pipes, dab rigs, dabbers and way more!

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